Setting up organisation floors and teams

Setting up organisation floors and teams

After you login to officeMixer as Admin, you can mirror your company's structure by configuring floors and teams to your organisation.

Let's start , shall we?


Navigate to organisation settings and Add Floor

View organisation

Choose a name and capacity, which reflects your company structure. In this example Operations are on the 3rd floor and there are thirty desks spaces available for use.

Add floor

The result looks like this.

view floors


You can split further each floor into one or more teams. In this example we create a new team called Data AI and ML under floor 1 with one employee assigned to this team.

Step 1 - go to floor
Step 2 - Name the team
Step 3 - view the new team
Step 4 - Search and assign user to a team
Step 5 - View the new team with one member